Samsung is a pioneer when it comes to mobile phones. They have released a bevy of mobile phones ranging from the premium, flagship models to the mid-range market. Basically, they have mobile phones for every price bracket there is.

Today, we are going to take a look at a mid-range mobile phone from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy A5 is a mid-range priced phone but it does have a premium look and feel to it.

It has an all-metallic design, which Samsung incorporated in the first Samsung Alpha phone released last year. It is nice to know that Samsung opted for a more durable metallic design as opposed to the flimsy plastic that they once used in their mobile phone line up.

The Screen of the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a 5-inch, Super AMOLED display that has a screen resolution of 720x 1280. This is their proprietary LED technology which works great on dimly lit environments, but not as great when you are outside.

Anyway, the colors and contrast of the screen pretty much make up for that flaw. The vibrancy of the colors is there and when you are fond of taking photos, especially selfies, you would love the picture clarity that the Samsung Galaxy A5’s screen has.

Speaking of the Camera, the Samsung Galaxy A5 has a 13-megapixel Sony Exmor RS IMX135 sensor. This is the same camera sensor that is found on the LG G3. The phone’s camera app is snappy and it barely takes 2 seconds for it to fully initialize.

The photos that are taken by the camera are quite good for its class. It offers visual clarity and crispness that are evident in most other mid-range phones. The camera is perfect if you want to take selfies.

Speaking of selfies, the Samsung Galaxy A5 has a proprietary technology just for that. Have you ever come across a situation where all of your friends will not fit in the frame when you’re trying to take a groufie? The Samsung Galaxy A5 has the wide selfie function, where it creates a panorama-like selfie by bridging three different photos (taken from the left, right, and center). This ensures that all of your friends will be included in the final photo.

For the performance aspect, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is powered by Qualcomm’s Quad-Core Snapdragon 410. This processor is a bit dated, but this is pretty much a standard when it comes to the mid-range mobile phone lineup.

The speaker system of the Samsung Galaxy A5 is also quite good. Samsung claims that it has an Adaptive sound. This means that it adapts to the ambient sound of your surroundings. So, if you’re in a bustling part of the city, for example, the speakers will automatically increase its volume so you can hear the music or song that is playing. This is ideal for music lovers and movie geeks because they don’t have to reach for that volume control panel anymore.

The only quirk I found about the Samsung Galaxy A5 is that it battery cover is not removable. I guess that is to be expected in most metallic designs. But, do not worry, you can increase the storage capacity of your Samsung Galaxy A5 by putting a micro SD. It can support up to 64GB of micro SD capacity.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a very good mobile phone for its price range. The Samsung Galaxy A5 costs only $360.